From her vantage point on the roof, Anita watches the airplanes high overhead, and imagines they are dragons, that she, the princesa, will finally have to face. Anita and her family are leaving the Dominican Republic for a distant land where there will be baths with hot water, regular electricity, and a real dryer. But Anita’s abuela won’t be coming, and Anita will miss her beautiful island terribly. However, Anita is a valiant princesa, who conquers her fears, and meets the fearsome dragons who will fly her to her new life with courage and grace.

REVIEW: The Smile Shop

A young boy has saved up his pocket money and is going to market to buy himself something for the very first time, but he has a hard time deciding what to get. He, and the reader, enjoy the sights and smells of the crowded marketplace. Each page offers a multitude of things to look at. Adult readers will need to be patient as their young listeners pore over the pictures.

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