REVIEW: El Ladrón del Sombrero

El Ladrón del Sombrero (SPANISH TEXT)
Author & Illustrator: John Klassen
Nube Ocho
Ages 4-8

My daughter, a senior in high school who just took her AP Spanish exam, and I just finished reading El Ladrón del Sombrero out loud dramatically. I took the Spanish text and she translated. She’s eighteen years old, and more than halfway out the door to college, but we were in whoops by the end of this sly, darling little book.

An unrepentant little thief of a fish has stolen a large fish’s hat. He is certain he won’t be discovered. He is sure the large fish won’t notice the hat is gone, or that if he does, he won’t suspect our narrator. I probably don’t need to tell you that he is wrong on all counts. This is an absolute gem of a book that readers of all ages will adore. After all, it passed the teenager test. Highly, highly recommend.

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