Review: What if Wilhelmina

What if Wilhelmina
Author & Illustrator: Joseph Belisle
Blair Publishing
Ages 4-8

What if Wilhelmina is a charming book that works on a whole bunch of levels.

First , it’s a terrific read aloud about a cat who goes missing. Just think what fun story time will be as kids fill in all the outlandish things that Wilhelmina’s anxious little owner imagines happening to the errant feline. [Speaking of anxiety, it’s also a nice little non preachy moral about anxiety, and how what my daughter’s first grade teacher used to call the “What If Monster” is never up to any good. Let’s call this aside, #2.]

Third, its pages are peppered with some pretty famous paintings. Art teachers of the homeschool as well as the licensed variety could easily use this book in a lesson about Van Gogh, Magritte and Munch and more. [Editor’s Note: Ugh.] Lastly, and my personal favorite, our heroine has two dads who love her and take care of her, and it’s No. Big. Deal. Publishers, more of this please!

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