Review Policy

Thanks for reading the blog. And thank you for thinking of us! We are happy to consider your book for review.

Before you submit your request, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • We read and critique children’s books, up to age 12-years-old (Middle Grade Reading or so — YA, if it’s VERY good). Although we do occasionally enjoy concept books, story books are preferred. Strong narratives are always a plus.
  • We are currently looking for children’s books that highlight underrepresented groups in the genre (e.g. minorities, LGBTQ, etc.).
  • We are currently scheduling reviews three months out.
  • We are picky and have strong opinions.  We would like to love everything, but we don’t; and we say so.  What you will get is an honest review that will critique the work, not the person.

By the way, we try very hard to cross post on Amazon, Pinterest and GoodReads, time permitting. If you have a particular site in mind, please let us know; we will try to add it to my list.

The best way to reach us is through our contact page. Please put “Review Request” and the title of the book in the first line of the body of your message.