Review: Thanks to Frances Perkins – Fighter for Workers’ Rights

Thanks to Frances Perkins – Fighter for Workers’ Rights, provides a brief overview of a life of activism and service that was influenced by perhaps the greatest tragedy in labor’s history: The Triangle Waist Company Fire, where 146 people, mostly teenage girls lost their lives to a fire because they were locked-in while working.

Review: Second Dad Summer

The story revolves around Jeremiah, who visits his Dad for the Summer. Dad, as it turns out, has a live-in boyfriend who is constantly trying to ingratiate himself into Jeremiah’s life. Jeremiah, as most kids who are going through new circumstances, is none-to-pleased. Add a cranky neighbor, a mom who lives miles away but calls routinely to check-in, and a new friend to the mix, for the makings of a summer with interesting and surprising plot twists. No, the biggest twist is not that Dad has a boyfriend. That’s established in the first couple of pages. More interesting things are in store. But this review, is spoiler free!

Review: Benjamin’s Blue Feet

Studying his reflection, he recognizes all the traits that make him different from the other creatures on the beach. Not feeling comfortable with those differences, Benjamin begins to modify his personal imperfections, in hopes of blending in better with his fellow creatures. Though he is successful in his attempt to hide his differences, he quickly learns why those different traits are so important to him, and to the many blue-footed boobies like him.

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