Review: Una Huna? Ukpik Learns to Sew

Author: Susan Aglukark
Illustrator: Amiel Sandland & Rebecca Brook
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Ages: 6-8 & Middle School

Always with a glossary of indigenous words at the end, Inhabit Media brings us a wonderful story about living in the Arctic and learning some of the skills necessary for survival there. In Ukpik Learns to Sew, we get a particularly detailed view on how to prepare, dry, use and sew Caribou skin, but in easily accessible dialogue paired with rich illustrations.

Marketed as a picture book for ages 6-8, I’m going to push this one higher into the Middle Grade category and say that it’s appropriate through 7th Grade. There is lots of text in this picturebook; and kids interested in indigenous people, sewing, other ways of life, etc. will definitely find it interesting.

Brook and Sandland’s illustrations are clean, simple and expressive. The dialogue is a tad on the wordy side, but expressive; and, when taken slowly, is deliberate in providing explanations of the differing processes it describes. A lovely slice of life book.

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