Review: The Science Spell Book

Author: Cara Florance
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Ages: Upper Elementary, Middle and High School

Magic? Science? Watch the look on your kid’s face when they perform these experiments and you’ll see magic.

Cara Florance, biochemist, has given us a cool collection of 25+ experiments you can do at home that are fairly straight-forward and will provide effects sure to capture even the most skeptical imagination: everything from a color changing tea to a homemade compass!

Each experiment is illustrated and detailed step-by-step. The younger the child, the more help they will need completing the steps; but, I would put this at 9+ years and above. The science is explained clearly, using age appropriate language; with a glossary provided at the end of the book.

A sufficient variety of experiments are provided so that there is something for everyone to find interesting. For those of you wanting to supplement a homeschool curriculum, this book is worth a look! Others looking to help kids enjoy the magic of science, or simply have fun, should also get a copy! There are hours of enjoyment (and work!) in these pages.

If you are interested in these types of activities, you may also want to visit Kiwi (this link will get you $10 off your first purchase) for other fun science, art and mechanics projects.

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