Review: Cinderelliot

Author: Mark Ceilley & Rachel Smoka-Richardson
Illustrator: Stephanie Laberis
Publisher: Running Press Kids
Ages: 4-8

In a decidedly queer take on the Cinderella story, our hero Cinderelliot is a baker who dreams of finding his prince. Meanwhile, Cinderelliot is being tormented by his step-siblings who do nothing but force him to bake delicacies to satisfy their every whim!

When the Prince decides to have, you guessed it, a Bake-Off Ball (okay, really a Royal Baking Competition–I think bake-off ball would have been funnier!), Cinderelliot dreams of participating; but, alas, he cannot because his siblings want them to bake treats for their participation. And, somebody has to clean the kitchen!

Enter one spectacular man, Ludwig, Cinderelliot’s Fairy Godfather to help save the day. He sprinkles magic on Cinderelliot (with actual sprinkles) and bestows him with a complete Chef’s uniform, topped with a toque. Cinderelliot then bakes a faaaabulous cake and well, you’ll have to read the rest of the story; there is no glass slipper, but there is a toque.

The story moves at a brisk pace using the Cinderella template and is pleasant and endearing, evoking smiles throughout. The illustrations are cheery, colorful streamlined (the action is easily centered and recognized and the spreads are devoid of extraneous detail).

Although the book pitched at 4-8 year-olds, my recommendation would be to stay with the 6 and under crowd given the simplicity of the story and illustrations. It is a wonderful addition to any school, public or home library.

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