Review: Grandma’s House of Rules

Author & Illustrator: Henry Blackshaw
Publisher: Cicada Books
Ages: 4-8

My house, my rules. At one point or another many of us have either heard or said (or both) these infamous words. It’s not surprising. We all can have very particular ways of how we like our things arranged and/or treated. Do you remember, however, what it was like when you were a kid and you had to follow a set of rules you did not come up with?

Blackshaw provides a peek into an anxiety producing situation filled with many rules and many pitfalls. How our hero navigates the rules (or fails to navigate them) and his Grandma’s response is at the heart of this quirky, unique story. Why all the rules? Well, Grandma’s answer is very telling:

I once asked Grandma, “Why so many rules?”
She looked a bit confused, then replied,
“I’ve been following them my whole life, Kid.
I learned the rules from my grandma and she learned
them from her grandma . . .
. . . I can’t start breaking them now.”

Told in a gentle, funny way, Grandma’s House of Rules provides many opportunities for caregivers to engage in discussion with children about the need for rules and why different people have different rules in place. Why are things different at Grandma’s house? Why is that chair so special?

While reading the book, you may see kids smile knowingly (or is that a coyly) when they recognize a rule that they may have “accidentally” broken before. Adults? You may start questioning why you have some of those rules in the first place.

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