REVIEW: Pockets Full of Rocks

Pockets Full of Rocks
Author: Yair Engelberg
Illustrator: MacKenzie Haley
Magination Press
Ages 4-8

Ella’s daddy doesn’t feel well. He stays in bed all day, and doesn’t smile any more. When Ella wonders why, her daddy explains that he has depression.

“It fills me up with lots of sad thoughts. And the more depression fills me up, the less I want to do. And the less I do, the more depression fills me. Imagine if your pockets were filled with big rocks that are so heavy, you can’t move. Being depressed kind of feels like that.”

Although Ella thinks that depression sounds scary (it is, kid, take it from one who knows), her dad reassures her one, that it’s not her job to fix him, and two, that he will always love her.

With a clear message, appealing colorful illustrations and a really useful readers’ note packed with helpful information from the American Psychological Association, Pockets Full of Rocks is a great resource for parents who need to explain depression to small children.

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