Review: War at the Snow White Motel and Other Stories

Each story is bite-sized, perfect for dipping in and out of over the course of a day or two, and would be fantastic for parents and children to read together, or for a teacher to read to his or her class. (Zoom story time is going to be a thing this year, youse guys.) Featuring a mix of elements from the natural world as well as tales of good old-fashioned human nature, Wynne-Jones’ style is witty, smart, and most importantly of all, relatable.

Review: Dance Like a Leaf

A gentle book that slowly introduces the concept of death, Dance like a Leaf, tells the story of a young girl who shares many Autumn traditions with her grandmother. As her grandmother’s health deteriorates, the young girl begins to lead, rather than follow. Until ultimately, she carries-on the traditions with only her grandmother’s spirit by her side.

Review: Benjamin’s Blue Feet

Studying his reflection, he recognizes all the traits that make him different from the other creatures on the beach. Not feeling comfortable with those differences, Benjamin begins to modify his personal imperfections, in hopes of blending in better with his fellow creatures. Though he is successful in his attempt to hide his differences, he quickly learns why those different traits are so important to him, and to the many blue-footed boobies like him.

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