Review: If Dominican Were A Color

Sili Recio’s description of how her color was used as both a source of joy and encouragement and a weapon to cause pain is both poignant and inspirational. Her message to boys and girls with skin that is “a ribbon of different shades of brown” is especially important under the current climate our country and the world is experiencing.

Review: Sleep Tight With The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Eric Carle, a favorite author for years, and one that has been a big part of my teaching journey, brings us a little gem of a book. Not only do his stories always manage to incorporate a multitude of lessons, they are simply and honestly breathtakingly beautiful. So, when I saw this title, I was naturally curious. As with any Carle work, it does not disappoint.

Review: She Leads (The Elephant Matriarch)

Smalls gives us a story that is actually two stories in one. In larger, more prominent print, she tells the story of how the elephant matriarch leads her herd. Smalls leads the reader on a journey with the queen and her subjects as they search for food, water, and shelter. She shows us how the older elephants teach the younger ones how to care for their young. We learn about what dangers elephants face and how they face them. We see the nurturing provided to young who lose their mothers and the care given to those family members lost.

Review: You’re Mean Covid-19

How do you explain to a child what a virus is? How can you explain that something they cannot see, is dangerous and could hurt them? How do you make them understand that there are certain things they must do in order to stay safe? All of these questions have surely been asked countless times by adults who have children in their lives.

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