Review: Cave Dada Picky Eater

Cave Dada: Picky Eater
Author & Illustrator: Brandon Reese
Chronicle Books
Ages 3-5

As a parent, have you ever been faced with a picky eater? I feel like this is something that could drive any parent either to the brink of insanity or, lead them to do anything in their power to get that little one to eat.

Reese once again portrays a common part of the parenting journey with humor, simplicity, and a unique perspective.

As baba wakes Dada up on his day off, his request seems simple enough, he wants eggs. Of course, Dada doesn’t have eggs and so, the situation begins. Dada offers baba just about anything and everything he has available to no avail. He wants eggs.

After finally exhausting all of his available options, Dada goes in search of the eggs only to come home and encounter a minor yet unforeseen circumstance. What to do now?

His apparent catastrophe turns out to be a grand discovery for both baba and Dada after which Dada finally gets his time to rest.

Reese gives us another great story of parenting, baby days, the relationship between father and son, and the unconditional love that fosters an unbreakable bond between them.

This will easily become a favorite for many.

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