REVIEW: La Burrita Baldomera

La Burrita Baldomera
Authors: Ismael F. Arias & Enrique G. Ballesteros
Illustrator: Ayesha L. Rubio
NubeOcho Books
Ages 4-8

She is heartbroken and worried about her friend and cannot understand what has happened to keep him away from her for so long.

What could be better than a friend with which to share important moments and spend time? [Editor’s Note: Reviewed Copy was of Spanish Language Edition.]

In this moving story based on actual events, this is exactly what we see. The story of a friendship that brings together two unlikely subjects, a man and a mule. They become fast friends and spend time together enjoying one another’s company and sharing special moments.

No matter what happens, the little mule knows that her friend Ismael will be back to see her, to spend time with her, and to enjoy her company. She knows he loves her and she loves him as well. Ballesteros, Arias, and Rubio create a book based on actual events that will be sure to warm the hearts of all who read it.

She is sure of his love for her and his place in her life until one day when he leaves and does not return for a long time. She is heartbroken and worried about her friend and cannot understand what has happened to keep him away from her for so long.

After many months of waiting and wondering where he could have gone, he finally returns and her happiness is beyond measure. In a story that brings to light the feelings experienced by many during the events related to the Covid – 19 pandemic, this story shows just how much relationships mean and how they affect the people involved.

The video of the reunion between La Burrita Baldomera and her friend Ismael, after their separation during the pandemic, went viral and has touched those who have seen it. A beautiful story of love and friendship, written for children ages 3-8, grade levels 1-2, will surely be a story that can be enjoyed by many and teach us all a little about caring for others and showing our love.

La Burrita Baldomera [SPANISH COPY] (Support an Independent Bookstore)
La Burrita Baldomera [SPANISH COPY] (Amazon)*

La Burrita Baldomera [ENGLISH COPY] (Support an Independent Bookstore)
La Burrita Baldomera [ENGLISH COPY] (Amazon)*

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