Author: Jennifer Ward
Illustrator: Lisa Congdon
Simon & Schuster
Ages 0-5

Ward explains round through the use of objects and things found in nature.

One of the first things a child learns, aside from their name, and colors, and the names of those around them, are shapes. This book is a perfect tool to teach the concept of “round” by incorporating every day items and experiences to depict the concept.

Ward explains round through the use of objects and things found in nature. The story is simple to follow, clear and concise and told in a way that young children can easily relate to and internalize.

Congdon’s illustrations are simple, clean, and a perfect companion to the descriptions Ward uses to explain the concept of round. In addition to the main concept of the shape, the book takes us through the seasons, events that happen in each season, and the things children will see in nature as part of the changing of the seasons.

Written for ages 3-8, preschool through grade 3, this is a great tool for teaching basic information and sharing simple concepts with children. It is a sweet and easy to read story.

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