Review: Perdu

Author & Illustrator: Richard Jones
Peachtree Publishing
Ages 4-8

I especially appreciated the gentle lesson about loneliness and fear.

Perdu (French for “lost”) is a lonely little dog with no place to call home. Following a falling leaf, he travels from the dark woods to the chaotic city, looking for his place, and his people.

“All day he searched.”

This is a gorgeous book, and like all good children’s books, works on multiple levels. The sweet story is touching (it made me cry, but I’m an easy mark), the pictures are achingly beautiful, and the ending is foreshadowed throughout in a way that clever readers will enjoy spotting. All of that would be more than enough to recommend Perdu, but I especially appreciated the gentle lesson about loneliness and fear.

“Scared, he growled back. Scared, he snarled. So scared, he barked.”

Profound, but not preachy. Just how I like ‘em. Perdu is a great addition to your home or school library.

[Editor’s Note: Emma may be an easy mark, but I’m not. And, when your son looks at you and says “Is this how you found me?” That’s when you have to stop yourself from straight-out bawling. Highly recommended.]

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  1. Thanks for the recommendation. I needed to send a gift to a small kiddo who is hurting and lonely right now. I found it!

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