Review: Voy a Portarme Muy Bien (Spanish)

Author & Illustrator: Chris Haughton
Publisher: Nube Ocho
Ages 4-8

Life is a struggle. And, if you are familiar with these words: “I’ll be good now, I promise.” Then, chances are that your child is smack in the middle of the demographic for this funny, charming picture book by Haughton, loosely translated as I will behave very well. [The actual English title is: Oh no, George]

Simón is charged with behaving while his person is away on an errand. What follows is what usually follows when someone is left unattended and left to their own devices–a little bit of this, and a little bit of that. Simón is tempted with various treats and distractions, caving-in each time, while promising to himself that he will behave! And, really struggling to behave in the process. Simón really does try!

The uncredited translation (more of an adaption) balances Haughton’s artwork beautifully capturing the gist of the English story but imbuing it with a more substantive spanish-language narrative. The illustrations are classic, unadorned Haughton (a great thing!)–eye catching, simple, colorful and masterful.

If you have a child that is always saying: “I’m trying, I’ll do better,” this is a great companion book. In the end does Simón behave? Let’s just say that like with a child, the subject is open to discussion. Literally.

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