Review: ¡Esta Caca es Mia! (Spanish)

Author & Illustrator: Gusti
Publisher: Nube Ocho
Ages 4-8

Argentinian author/illustrator Gusti Rosemffet hits the comical sweet spot with this, his hysterical tale of two flies that both lay claim to, you guessed it, the same pile of poop! Poop, being the universal common denominator of humor for children of-a-certain-age, is spread throughout most pages of this sincere, warm-hearted picturebook. [Yes, I know what I just wrote. Lighten up.]

Gusti, a gifted illustrator, details the flies with gusto, adding nuance to their facial expressions and detailing their argument with subtlety and compassion. Each fly, in turn, makes a mountain out of a molehill; yet, you feel for them. Neither child nor adult will stop laughing as they explore the strange relationship.

In the end, once their argument poops out, the flies resolve their differences; and, learn a valuable lesson in sharing. This book, doesn’t stink.

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