Review: Little Moar and the Moon

Author: Roselynn Akulukjuk
Illustrator: Jazmine Gubbe
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Ages 4-8

There is a reason why I use this small, Inuit-owned, publisher as a reliable go-to for birthday gifts. Inhabit Media is a wonderful resources for developmentally appropriate, fun, accessible, stories that you would not otherwise find in the “big” publishing houses. Little Moar and the Moon is one such example.

Little Moar has a fear (fascination, respect) of the moon. For that reason, he doesn’t stay out too late playing with his friends and hides from the moon when he’s out at night. Gubbe’s simple, yet warm and supportive illustrations highlight little Moar’s fear in expressive facial details that let you feel the anguish of little Moar’s inner thoughts. You can see him struggling as he chooses between playing with his friends, helping his cousin, and rushing home. Akulukjuk’s text tells the story in an easily relatable way that children will be quick to pick up: the moon has a face; and that face can be scary.

Does little Moar overcome his fear? Well, he’s growing. And, the process of overcoming one’s fears is a journey, not a destination. He takes some steps on that journey. The ending provides a point for exploration.

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