Review: Sonata for Fish and Boy

Sonata for Fish and Boy
Author & Illustrator: Milan Pavlović
Publisher: Groundwood Books
Ages 4-8

Regular readers will know the value of wordless picture books and how they can have a profound impact on developing vocabulary and early literacy skills. My recent post on dialogic reading explains how picturebooks can assist in the development of these early skills and how wordless picture books in particular are wonderful tools.

As any good sonata, Pavlović’s Sonata for Fish and Boy, uses three color infused movements to weave a magical story filled with flight, fancy and yes a boy and a fish. Is this book musical? Yes. Is there more than one story in it? Yes. And, like a good sonata that makes you feel different things at different times, so will the picturebook–all, without a single word.

Pavlović’s subtle color shifts, highly expressive faces, and liberal use of magical realism crescendo in a poignant, touching ending that some may argue is inevitable. Others would argue is not an ending at all. Therein lies the beauty of a good sonata, and a good wordless picturebook, the interpretation is in the hands of the reader.

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