Review: Lobstah Gahden

Lobstah Gahden
Author: Alli Brydon
Illustrator: EG Keller
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Ages 4-8

What starts off as a competition between two neighbor lobsters, with the thickest Boston accents this side of Beantown, for “best gahden” becomes an environmental tale about dumping in our oceans. A thoughtless human, of course, seems to be throwing everything overboard and disrupting the competition, and the seafloor.

This funny, accessible tale is beautifully illustrated and detailed. In bright water colors (pun intended and warranted) the picturebook is beautiful to leaf through and kids will like the over-animated creatures and brisk narrative.

One quibble: the accent is strong in this one; and, an adult should be careful to point out to kids that this is not Standard English for all. The best way to do this is by assuming the characters and doing different voices–kids will understanding what you’re doing and go with the flow. Not only will the kids enjoy the book more, you will as well!

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