Review: Unicorn Night (Sleep Tight)

Unicorn Night, Sleep Tight
Author: Diana Murray
Illustrator: Luke Flowers
Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Ages 3-8

From the shimmering cover through to the last page, this book is a rainbow explosion of bright-non-stop color and big bold illustrations. Flowers does an excellent job of capturing what an imagined unicorn world would look like to a huge portion of the unicorn-loving population. Filled with many details and interesting characterizations, the illustrations are imaginative, and appealing.

The text, in rhyme and ready to help with those early phonological awareness skills, is interesting and engaging–providing a song simple enough to learn (and make up a melody to).

Does it pass the bedtime test? That depends. The book may be too engaging–the pages too packed with detail and too bright. That will depend on your child. Those of you that are used to reading a couple of stories may want to lead with this one and then segue to something a bit calmer for the “tuck-in.”

For unicorn lovers, however, this is a solid book all around.

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