Review: Martina Tiene Muchas Tias

Author: Emma Otheguy (Translated by Emily Carrero Mustelier)
Illustrator: Sara Palacios
Publisher: Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Ages: 4-8

Martina has too many tias–and they are LOUD!

While I was reading the book, beautifully appointed with big, colorful, digital illustrations, I let my mind wander to the comelatas of my youth. The terrace was filled with relatives; packed with aunties and uncles all laughing telling stories. I was usually on the sidelines, watching everything, quietly trying to have the ground swallow me whole. It was loud. I knew better than to try and disappear. My parents would find me and drag me back out. A good Cuban boy would never leave the party.

Martina, however, is able to slip away to the corner store and into her imagination, finding the quiet time she needs. Within her thoughts she’s able to find the inner quiet necessary to handle the party going on outside. Of course, in picturebook fashion, the story involves a duck, a mouse and an adventure. But, everything is intricately woven in a carefully, thoughtfully, written piece, lovingly translated by Mustelier. I can hear the Cuban accent ringing throughout.

Regardless of whether the child is an introvert or an extrovert, there is something to be learned in this story. Wonderful rhythm throughout, lots of great talking points. Solid classroom book.

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