Review: Becoming Blue

Author: Ellen Tarlow
Illustrator: Julien Chung
Publisher: Beach Lane Books (Simon & Schuster)
Ages: 4-8

Stop you’re copying me!

If you’ve ever been around the younger set, I’m certain you’ve heard that expression at least once or twice–whether it’s siblings, friends, or frenemies, kids don’t like being copied. And, if somebody is doing everything you’re doing, and following along behind you, I’m certain it would get on your nerves too!

Blue and Red are friends. So much so that Blue likes everything about Red–and tries to be Red, in every possible way. Of course, Blue, being Blue, doesn’t have all of the attributes that make Red, Red–and can’t quite pull it off. This, ends up getting on Red’s nerves and forces a confrontation where Red tells Blue, in essence, to go be themself! The journey to self-discovery begins and Blue discovers what being Blue is all about–how Blue’s unique attributes can help Blue do things that Red would find impossible to do.

Obvious to adults reading the book, the learned lesson is that we all have strengths and weaknesses making up our own, unique, individuality–an important lesson to be learned at any age. Particularly important is the tale-end of the book, where once Blue learns that Blue can function independently of Red, Blue and Red start joining forces; and, creating new adventures together–Purple! [Get your mind out of the gutter, it’s a kid’s book!]

This is a lovely, funny, gentle read that is certain to spark discussion. The book can be read at many levels. I’m adjusting the target age to include those in Pre-Kindergarten as well.

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