Review: Hugo No Puede Dormir (Spanish)

Author: Davide Cali
Illustrator: Anna Aparicio Català
Publisher: Nube Ocho

It’s nighttime, and your child cannot fall asleep.

Where they up all night? Did they take a nap during the day? Did they sleep in late? Sudden burst of adrenalin? (Why did you give them sugar?) Is your child a bat?

Hugo No Puede Dormir tells the story of a charming bat that cannot figure out why he is unable to sleep at night. The book takes us on a sweet journey with Hugo, as he pesters his animal friends while they are trying to get much needed rest! One by one, they are unable to help him find an answer. It’s not until almost sunrise that he reaches the crocodile who gives him the answer.

And, what happens at sunrise? Well, I’m sure you can figure that out. But, will Hugo be able to fall asleep amidst the jungle noise?

The illustrations are dark (it is nighttime after-all) and vivid. They practically jump off the page in bold colors. The dialogue is streamlined and engaging. A solid bedtime story.

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