Review: Im Po Ssi Ble

Author & Illustrator: Isol
Publisher: Groundwood Books
Ages 4-8

I’ve got to admit, I don’t think I’ve ever gasped at the end of a picturebook–that is to say, until I got to the end of this one. When I turned the page, an audible gasp actually left my mouth. And then I shook my head. I struggled for a while as to whether this was a kid’s book, an adult’s book, or one that’s fit for both. After much thought, [and trying the book out on some kids], I’ve come to the tentative conclusion that this excellent story needs to be read by all parents and caregivers and that children will also enjoy it.

Impossible tells the story of Toribio’s loving parents who think that taking care of Toribio (a sweet, loving two-year-old) can be challenging. And, well, it is challenging. Toribio cries all night, is difficult to bathe, is a fussy eater, is difficult to potty train, and doesn’t go to sleep when his parents want him to do so. In short, he’s two years old. Fortunately for his parents, they come across an advertisement for a specialist in the local paper who will cure Toribio of his ills. The parents make an appointment and follow the specialist’s recommendations

The next morning, Toribio is cured. How he was cured is what caused me to gasp, and the children I shared the story with to laugh. Although I will not reveal the outcome here, there is a lesson to be learned; and, not by Toribio, but by his parents: in short, be careful the things you most wish for.

The story is engaging, funny and poignant. Give this to couples who have had many children or to couples that are just starting with their first child. They’ll get the point. If they don’t, they may need to make an appointment with the specialist.

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