Review: Bella’s Recipe for Success

Bella’s Recipe for Success
Author: Ana Siqueira
Illustrator: Geraldine Rodriguez
Beaming Books
Ages 4-8

I think we’ve all been there: starting a task, not being very good at it, and wanting to give up. I certainly know I have. New things are hard, and finding your niche whether you’re an adult or a child can be well, exasperating. Where exactly do I fit in–in the world?

Bella’s siblings are all accomplished–at something– while she is, well, not. I know many a child that has these same feelings (I know many adults that have these same feelings). Fortunately for Bella, abuela sees everything . . . .

Guided by the gentle hand of her grandmother Bella comes to realize that accomplishment takes work and perseverance; even Bella’s siblings get in on the lessons!

With simple, cartoony, bright, illustrations and a powerful message, Bella’s Recipe for Success is a solid pick for those wanting to encourage “can do” and “practice” attitudes. It provides a wonderful modeling of skills and warm encouraging language in a brisk, narrative style. The approach successfully makes the heroine instantly relatable to children and adults alike.

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  1. This is such a wonderful book about finding out that everyone can be good at something with hard work and persistence. Bella’s abuela helps her find her way to accomplishment. You’re so right that we all wonder where we fit in.

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