Review: No! Said Rabbit

No! Said Rabbit
Author & Illustrator: Marjoke Henrichs
Peachtree Publishing
Ages 4-8

“No! said the Editor. I do not want to write this review.”

Any parent or caregiver who has had to coax a child in the two to six-year-old range (or a stubborn adult, for that matter) will immediately recognize our hero Rabbit protagonist as the proxy for all children trying to establish self-determination. “Would you like your favorite XXX?” “No.” It does not matter what you offer. The answer is always no.

I remember many a time when I’ve started a sentence with “would you like” only to be interrupted halfway with the word “no.” At least the bunny in the book let’s Mom get a word out!

This book is funny, delightful, beautifully-simply, illustrated and sure to provide much needed conversation with naysayers. Our five-year-old enjoyed saying “No!” along with the rabbit, but, by the end of the book completely understood that he himself acted like the rabbit many times–not giving things a chance, or saying “no” to something he actually wanted.

There is nothing like self-revelation. It’s a great thing when you can use a book to have your child have an “aha” moment early on. Buy the book? Yes!

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