REVIEW: Angelina and the Princess

Angelina and the Princess
Author: Katharine Holabird
Illustrator: Helen Craig
Simon & Schuster
Ages 4-8

Originally published in 1984, for the most part it holds up beautifully.

A reissue of an old favorite, Angelina and the Princess is a blast from the past. My teenage daughter just recently packed away her old Angelina and Alice dolls, so I reread this title with a fair amount of nostalgia. Originally published in 1984, for the most part it holds up beautifully.

Angelina, the little mouse who loves ballet, can’t wait to audition for the royal performance, but she wakes up on the big day feeling ill. Her mother tells her to stay in bed, but our dedicated performer sneaks out of the house to the audition, despite being sick. When she doesn’t get the part she wanted, her wise mama says “…things don’t always go our way. You can still do your best with the part you were given. . . .” This stage mother has uttered some version of those words innumerable times.

There’s always a happy ending in Mouseland, and this book is no exception. The sweet story is charmingly illustrated, as always, by Helen Craig, who creates an immersive world for the reader. The cottage, the studio, and the palace are all so real to the reader. I know in our house, Craig’s lovely artwork set the stage for hours of imaginative play. It is simply delightful to think of new Angelina fans continuing the tradition.

I will say that all the dancers are little girl mice. Young boys who love ballet (yes, they exist!) will have to look elsewhere for representation.

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