Review: You’re Mean Covid-19

You’re Mean Covid-19
Author: Lianne Betancourt
Illustrator: Gabriel Sorondo
Ages: 3 to 5 years old

How do you explain to a child what a virus is? How can you explain that something they cannot see, is dangerous and could hurt them? How do you make them understand that there are certain things they must do in order to stay safe? All of these questions have surely been asked countless times by adults who have children in their lives.

You’re Mean COVID-19 addresses these questions, and gives parents and other caregivers a useful tool for answering those questions and opening up discussions. Betancourt expresses the concerns related to the virus in a clear and concise way that any child can learn from. Although it is geographically specific to Miami, the general premise is appropriate to anywhere.

If being read aloud to a child, the reader can easily change the name of the Mayor of Miami which will make the book relevant to the listener. Sorondo’s illustrations lend support to the topic of the story while allowing children to see the things they need to do to stay safe.

This is an effective aid for helping make the current situation less frightening and more manageable for kids. It presents the perfect opportunity to discuss what they need to do when they return to school. It offers the perfect conversation starter for how to handle the ever present pandemic.

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