5 Essential Picture Books for Back To School Anxiety and Social Emotional learning

Around the world, parents and caregivers are struggling with in person vs. virtual learning models that are being put in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So too, but perhaps not as obviously, are the children who are returning to or just starting school. In this Round Up, Mr. Alex’s Bookshelf recommends Five Essential books to help you and your child deal with anxiety that may be created due to ANY back to school situation (or for that matter, anxiety in general).

  1. The Jar of Happiness (Author & Illustrator: Ailsa Burrows) Amazon
  2. You Matter (Author & Illustrator: Christian Robinson) Amazon Bookshop
  3. Paper Planes (Author: Jim Helmore; Illustrator: Richard Jones) Amazon Bookshop
  4. You Are Your Strong (Author: Danielle Dufayet PhD; Illust: J. Zivoin) Amazon Bookshop
  5. You’ve Got Dragons (Author: Kathryn Cave; Illustrator: Nick Maland) Amazon Bookshop

We think these books may help. Listen to our recommendations in the YouTube video below. And, if you haven’t, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and our blog for book giveaways and recommendations. We’re always looking for the next great books!

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