Review: The Haircut

The Haircut
Author: Theo Heras
Illustrator: Renné Benoit
Pajama Press
Ages: 1 to 3 years old

Heras shows how something a little scary becomes much easier with Daddy along to make it better.

It is doubtful that most people remember their very first haircut. However, in the moment, it is a daunting event, and not just for the recipient of the haircut. Anything that causes anxiety or stress in our children does the same for us as parents. A haircut is one of those events that usually happens early in our children’s lives.

Heras shows how something a little scary becomes much easier with Daddy along to make it better. On their first trip to the barber shop together, not only does daddy make getting a haircut less scary, he also creates a special bond with his son.

Benoit illustrates scenarios that many parents have surely experienced, quite possibly more than once. A first haircut can oftentimes mean accepting that your baby is growing up. So, it isn’t easy for parents either. It is however, one of many experiences that are shared with our children and oftentimes create the very best memories.

The little boy who has a contagious smile at the beginning of the story as he moves his hair out of the way to play and look in the mirror, suddenly becomes very serious when faced with a haircut that he is unsure about. Worried about whether the haircut will hurt, he watches the barber with uncertainty while awaiting his turn in the barber’s chair. That is his first indication that the haircut probably won’t be too bad. He enjoys the chair going high.

Once his haircut is done, with his smile back in place, he is ready to go with his daddy by his side. Written for children ages 1-3, this is a cute story to share with kids that are worried about their first haircut (and it won’t hurt that mom and dad will get to read it as well).

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