Review: Pink is for Boys

No. Just no. The premise of the idea: that every color is suitable for every person, is wonderful! Yes! This is exactly what we want to be teaching from the earliest age possible. Colors are, in fact, genderless. However (and I mean however in the strongest possible form of BUT possible), one actually has to carry through on a plan.

Review: P is for Pterodactyl

Oftentimes, I find myself in a classroom of English Learners having to explain how many different sounds the letter “A” can make in the English language. I see their eyes roll into the back of their heads, I’m left to explain: “there is no rule, it’s just English.” This book, ostensibly a children’s book, can teach everyone a thing or two.

Review: Not Quite Narwhal

Kelp we are told, was born deep in the ocean and looks remarkably similar to his friends–similar that is, yet different. There is this odd (but charmingly drawn) bubble around his head, and his body isn’t shaped exactly the same way as everybody else’s. He doesn’t like the same foods and doesn’t excel at the same things his friends do either. The great thing is though, nobody cares! His friends, all narwhals, love him just the way he is.

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