Review: Thankful

Author Elaine Vickers
Illustrator: Samantha Catterill
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Ages: 4-8

As history catches up to us, it becomes more and more difficult to find good books to read during the Thanksgiving holiday period. We want to capture the spirit of the season, without resorting to the horrific misrepresentations of our past. Fortunately, books are starting to enter the market that focus on gratitude and daily living that are ripe for the reading.

Thankful is one such selection.

EVERY YEAR when the first snow
falls, we make thankful chains
to last us through December.

It is hard to think of all the things
to be thankful for in a whole year,
so I start right in my own room.

I am thankful for a home
where I am safe and warm . . . .

Catterill’s illustrations, an incredible collection of hand-molded/painted, photographed dioramas (that have to be seen to be fully believed), endow this book with life. The details are exceptional; bringing a warm, vibrant family into full realization.

While the concept of gratitude chains is not new, the book serves as a wonderful reminder/example of a great project for the season! You can find other hands-on projects in this Activity Guide, provided by the publisher.

Thankful is getting regular reading time at our house. And, for that, we are grateful.

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My thanks to Simon & Schuster for providing a Review Copy of this book. All opinions provided herein are my own.

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