Author: Razeena Omar Gutta
Illustrator: Manal Mirza
Publisher: Barefoot Books
Ages: 4-8

One thing I look for is books on diverse topics and that include diverse characters. In Hana’s Hundreds of Hijabs we find just that. We find a story of a young girl who is proud of her culture. We also see her classmates appreciate her culture and the gifts she brings to their class.

Hana is a Muslim girl who loves her Hijabs. She accessorizes them and makes them extra fancy. She is proud of her hijabs. Her classmates even ask her for fashion advice because of her creativity and unique sense of style.

Hana struggles with time management and cleanliness throughout the story, but she finds a solution at her aunt’s hair salon.

This is a refreshing take on a topic that is not always accepted in our culture. Hijabs and other head coverings do not dictate the character of a person. We should educate ourselves on the purpose of head coverings rather than being judgmental of those who wear them. We are moving in the right direction and books such as this help teach children why some people choose to wear a hijab.

In this book, Hana, and her classmates are all very accepting and excited about the hijab and there is not a negative stereotype or point of view depicted within this story. This book teaches we should be proud of our culture and the importance of sharing our cultural differences.

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