Review: My Rainy Day Rocket Ship

Author: Markette Sheppard
Illustrator: Charly Palmer
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Ages: 3-5

Come spend a rainy indoor day with our beautiful and imaginative narrator.

This book follows an inquisitive, precocious little Black boy as he battles boredom and a rainy day with his imaginative pretend play. It starts, of course, with a cardboard box, and rolls on from there – dishrags, socks, goggles, swimming trunks – nothing is spared on this little boy’s quest to launch his rocket ship, all through the day right into B-E-D!

The text is lyrical and I found myself sing-songing my way through the book several times. 

While the story is delightful, it’s the incredibly lush and vivid illustrations that steal the show here. This book felt like a visual treat. A big bowl of ice cream right before bed–each page a piece of art! 

A cute story, illustrated beautifully, what more can you ask for?

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