Review: Una Tarde Súper Increíble

Una Tarde Súper Increíble (In Spanish)
Author: A. H. Benjamin
Illustrator: Anne Vasko
Publisher: NubeOcho
Ages 4-8

On a walk with her Grandfather, our young protagonist declares that she is not hungry. Undeterred (as most adults would be at such a declaration), her Grandfather assures her that by the time they reach home, she will have a ravenous appetite.

What follows is a typical walk home between Grandfather and Granddaughter. Typical in that it involves all of the hijinks one would expect from such a walk. They play on a trampoline, they climb trees, they jump in puddles, etc. Except, the walk is anything but typical–you see, along the way these activities are carried out with anthropomorphized animals who encourage their behavior. At the end of each activity, the pair declares, ¡Super increíble!

Smart, simple, brightly colored illustrations keep the brisk text tightly adorned on this make-believe tale that highlights a child’s imaginative powers. It is all in her imagination, isn’t it? Well, let’s see what happens when she gets home and tells her Grandmother about her adventures with her Grandfather.

Suddenly, there’s a knock at the door. . . .

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