Review: Brilliant Bea

Brilliant Bea
Authors: Shaina Rudolph & Mary Vukadinovich
Illustrator: Fiona Lee
Publisher: Magination Press
Ages 4-8

Educators, psychologists and the medical profession in general have come a long way from regarding dyslexia as simply reversing letters. Science has proven out the theory that Dyslexia’s root problem is one stemming from phonological processing “(the skills involved in understanding the rules by which sounds go with letters or letter groupings. . . .)” Brilliant Bea, although not engaging in a direct discussion of the underpinnings of dyslexia, provides a wonderful opportunity to sensitively discuss the issue and how a classroom can adapt to students who may need adaptations to thrive.

Bea, has a remarkable imagination–in fact, she is brilliant. And [note, not but], she has trouble reading. Her teacher, no slouch in the smarts department, provides Bea with encouragement, instruction, the opportunity, and the accommodation she needs to perform well. In turn, Bea feels more confident; gains friendships, and becomes “unstuck.”

The story’s message is clear: we all learn differently and can thrive when encouraged–a message that should resonate well with both children and the adults reading the story [an especially good reminder for the adults reading the story].

A wonderful Reader’s Note by Ellen B. Braaten, PhD, discussing Dyslexia in further detail, appears at the end of the book.

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