Review: Las Cajas de Berta (In Spanish)

Las Cajas de Berta
Author: Dario Alvisi
Illustrator: Amélie Graux
Publisher: NubeOcho
Ages 4 and Up

Berta is the perfect child? [I know careful readers noticed the question mark. I know regular readers know I don’t do things by accident.] She keeps her belongings in order. She never throws tantrums. She loves jigsaw puzzles. And, she never talks about her emotions.

Berta, compartmentalizes all of her feelings in four separate boxes: yellow, red, blue and green. If she gets “too sad” she opens up the blue box and fills it with tears. Too happy? No problem. Opens up the yellow box and fills it up with springing jumps. Once she’s done expressing herself, she closes the boxes tightly.

So, what happens when Berta opens up the boxes all at once? Chaos? Armageddon? Order? Relief?

This is a perfect paired reading for classrooms and/or parents that follow the Zones of Regulation. Through example (and a bit of chaos) it illustrates in clear bright illustrations and a smart narrative what happens when you keep your feelings bottled up inside, and are unable to express them. Let’s open those boxes.

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