Review: Lobe Your Brain

Lobe Your Brain (What Matters About Your Grey Matter)
Author & Illustrator: Leanne Boucher Gill
Magination Press
Ages: 4-8 years old

In what seems to be a growing trend this year for what I’ve dubbed “coffee table books aimed at kids” Magination Press’ offering of Lobe Your Brain brings us a quick and very basic look at the inner workings of the brain, focusing on its four lobes. I know, big shocker when you focus on the book’s title.

This book is highly non-objectionable; except, I do not know why it was published. It is not, nor does it pretend to be, a science book; it does not, really forward Magination Press usual signature style of social/emotional titles, and the material is more suitably covered in science textbooks.

Although the artwork is really nice, the prose is not quite textbook standard, provides no narrative storyline and is not in a style suited for children’s literature. In short, this isn’t a picture book and it isn’t a textbook–and it does neither style particularly well. Instead, we have a title that is attempting to fill a gap that doesn’t quite exist: a story that features the inner workings of the lobes at play (that one’s free, the next idea will cost you) would have been more interesting and better suited for the target audience. Instead, we get expository text, without a teacher to explain it. Yes, the word parent is a verb, but picture books are supposed to make our jobs easier, not harder.

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