Review: Home for a While

Home for a While
Author: Lauren H. Kerstein
Illustrator: Natalia Moore
Magination Press
Ages: 4-8 years old

This gentle book about caring for a child in the foster care system is beautifully illustrated and delicately written. Kerstein, a licensed clinical social worker who specializes in working with children, adolescents, adults and families, wrote a wonderful story about a patient, loving caregiver and the boy who comes to live with her “for a while.”

At first, the child is hesitant to make this his temporary home, as he has no doubt suffered past trauma. Through gentle, unflinching persuasion, trust, patience and guidance, the child builds a bond with his caregiver and ultimately feels the safety he desperately needs.

“May I hug you goodnight?” Maggie asked?

“Why do you want to hug me, anyway?”

“Because you’re quite huggable. I love how you flip and fly through the air. You’re like an eagle soaring through the clouds.”

“I am?”

“Like no one I’ve ever met.”

Kerstein’s touch is light, her words soothing. Moore’s illustrations are robust, but not overwhelming.

Two quibbles: 1) there appears to be one non sequitur in the book (perhaps because of editing, perhaps on purpose); and 2) at the time of this review, the link for the Author’s note on supporting the emotions of children in temporary care, cited at the end of the book, was not available on the Magination Press Website.

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