A quick take on an interactive children’s book

Kindness Grows
Tiger Tales
Author & Illustrator: Britta Teckentrup

In this “off the shelf” video review, Mr. Alex tells us all about Kindness Grows, an interactive book for children ages 3-7.

Angry words can ruin friendships, but a gesture as simple as a smile can cause kindness to bloom and friendships to mend. Die-cut pages feature a sapling that grows into a flowering tree with each turn of the page as kindness is spread.

Harsh words, disagreements, and shouting can cause friendships to bend and sometime break. Friends are sad when they’re left out, and once a mean word is spoken, it’s impossible to take it back. But what if we were to spread kindness instead? Offering words of encouragement, sharing, caring for others, and playing together all help to make friendships stronger — and we are certainly stronger together!

From Little Tiger Press

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