Review: And Then Comes Summer

And Then Comes Summer
Author: Tom Brenner
Illustrator: Jaime Kim
Random House
Ages: 4 to 8 years old

While most look forward to summer vacation, getting ready for it means a complete change of routine and activities.

While most look forward to summer vacation, getting ready for it means a complete change of routine and activities. That change can be a difficult transition for some younger kids. This book helps make that transition a bit easier by describing how one activity comes to a close, making way for a new one.

Transitioning from school routines and days that follow schedules, to days with more freedom and less structure, can sometimes cause anxiety in children; even if that anxiety isn’t immediately visible. Brenner follows three friends as they prepare to end their school year and enjoy their summer vacation together.

Beginning with a description of how the weather changes to welcome summer, he continues his story by describing the changes that will take place in their daily activities as the school year comes to an end and their summer vacation begins.

We join the friends as they enjoy the many activities that summer allows them to savor. Along the way we see that they can now wear different clothes, enjoy longer days to play outside, trade their backpacks and notebooks for lemonade stands, join in on a Fourth of July Parade, enjoy treats from the ice cream truck, visit the lake with their family, find pleasure in water games, and spend time together planning more adventures.

Kim provides a beautiful backdrop for the story with pictures that make the reader almost feel the sunshine on every page. Her bright and cheerful illustrations help bring the sights, sounds, and traditions of summer to life. With pictures that seem to bring back summers from long ago, the reader is captivated by the charming combination of an almost lyrical story and the inviting illustrations.

Written for ages 4-8, this is a great book for transitioning from the end of the school year to a relaxing and fun filled summer vacation.

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