Review: Cave Dada

Cave Dada
Author & Illustrator: Brandon Reese
Chronicle Books
Ages: 3 to 5 years old, Grades P to K

This book will make you smile from the very first page. Some pages will make you laugh out loud. Some will make you sigh. Some may even bring a little moisture to your eyes. For any Dada that has ever struggled to get a baby to sleep, this book is for YOU!

Dada gets home after a busy day of hunting and gathering looking forward to going “nite, nite.” But Baba, our cave baby, has other plans and sleep is not one of them. In fact, he is set on Dada reading him a book. Thus begins their bedtime battle.

Dada tries everything at his disposal to encourage Baba to go to sleep to no avail. Baba does not want his rattle, his blanky, his stuffy, or a spin in the rocker with Dada. All he wants is a book. And, he makes that known loud and clear.

As any dedicated Dada would, off he goes to look for a book for Baba; but, he is unsuccessful again and again. For some reason, and it certainly couldn’t be because Baba is stalling, Dada is just not finding the book that Baba wants. Baba is in tears and Dada is close to joining him.

This endearing picture book shows readers how a relationship begins to develop between a father and his son. It illustrates the lengths a father will go to for the love of his child. In an easy to read and see format, Reese presents an age old story, with a twist.

A really fun read aloud to share with your little ones, your not so little ones, or your students. It is sure to bring smiles and laughter as well as provide quality time together that will definitely become a treasured memory.

Word of advice, get in character when you read this, I could hear Dada and Baba in my imagination as I read it.

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