Review: Made for me

Made for Me
Author: Zack Bush
Illustrator: Gregorio De Lauretis
Familius Publishing
Ages: 3 to 5 years old

The story begins before there are even words on the page, when we see dad waiting outside the delivery room door.

Whenever I have spoken to parents about their children, and there have been quite a few of those conversations over the course of thirty years in the classroom, I am always especially touched by the in look their eyes. This is the story of that look.

The story begins before there are even words on the page, when we see Dad waiting outside the delivery room door. From that very first page, until the very last, this story will pull at your heartstrings; and, let you see what it truly means to love a child unconditionally. Each time you read the words made just for me, a lovely refrain throughout the book, you will understand the magnitude of that kind of love.

While most children’s stories focus on the relationship between children and their mother, this story shows that a dad’s love is just as strong and just as heartfelt. In taking us through the experiences that are life with a newborn, toddler, or young child, it shows us that a child is a treasure given to us to nurture and love. Maybe, if we are very lucky, that love will be returned in kind.

This is a tale of love, wonder, and awe as only a parent could experience it; beautifully conveyed by Bush as he describes the interactions between (and the growing relationship of) the characters.

De Laurentis lends his artistic talent to bring Bush’s words to life with engaging visual representations. The illustrations are the perfect compliment to the flow of the story, showing Dad’s interactions with Baby and their experiences together. The off-scale drawings of a larger than life dad with a tiny baby (he is now lucky enough to love, protect, and care for) is yet another reason that this book is sure to become a favorite of readers.

Written for children aged 3-5, or grades 3 and under, this is the perfect story to teach about family dynamics, caring for others, responsibility, and so many other fundamental messages. I’ve read it no less than half a dozen times while writing this and have yet to get through it without tears in my eyes.

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