ABOUT Mr. Alex

Alexander Fernández-Pons

Father, Writer, Legal Geek, Husband, Wife, Director, Educator, Judge, Renaissance Man? (he/him/his)

Sometimes, the path is straight, sometimes it’s not.

Professional bio here.

As with most things in life, who you are is not static.

I graduated from law school in 1991 at the ripe old age of 23. Now, in my 31st year of practice (the last 14+ or so as an Administrative Law Judge), I find myself at a crossroads. Some would call it a midlife crisis. I choose to call it rebirth–dare I say, a renaissance?

It started about six years ago with the birth of our son and the revival (there is that theme again) of my interest in all things education. The subsequent, ridiculous government furlough pushed me back into the classroom (as a substitute teacher) while the politicians sorted their . . . business. One has to keep food on the table. And, I was happy.

As my son grew, so did the need to stay current with educational trends, and what was out there in terms of reading material. I was tired of the same old stories about the same old children. So, I sought out unique, diverse materials that we could present to him; keeping him not only entertained, but teaching him about the world around him. Friends, soon joined me. And, here, we present our collective work. Hoping that others might find value in what we contribute.

As for my own journey, well, it continues. Next on the horizon is a M.Ed. with a concentration in Literacy (yes, while I still work as a judge full-time). We’ll see what happens after that. Perhaps a PhD?