ABOUT Mr. Alex

Alexander Fernández-Pons

Father, Writer, Legal Geek, Husband, Wife, Director, Renaissance Man? (he/him/his)

Sometimes, the path is straight, sometimes it’s not.

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Not everyone comes to parenthood quickly or easily. My husband and I started our journey at the ripe old ages of 46 and we were 49 before we became parents to a bouncing (and I mean bouncing) baby boy. On the upside, we had a lifetime of experience to share with him as he is growing up. On the downside, he is running us ragged!

At the time of this writing, our “baby” is 4 years old, and the library of children’s books we have amassed from our travels, purchases and friends is slowly being dissected. Yes, you read that right: dissected. Words are important. And, although neither of us are particularly Tiger Dads, we are particular about what we allow to remain on our Bookshelf.

So, being the Type A (not Tiger, but a bit hyper, get it?) that I am, I searched far and wide for a source of reviews that looked into children’s books not only from an educational and “messaging” perspective, but one that looked at whether or not I actually wanted to sit down and take the time to read the book with my child. Let’s face it. Some of these books (if you’re fortunate) get read over and over and over again. So, you might as well commit to them and enjoy them. You can’t commit if you’re bored out of your mind while you’re reading. Well, I didn’t find a source of reviews that fit the bill to my liking, so I decided to start one: Mr. Alex’s Bookshelf.

In this site, you’ll find some reviews for children’s books. In what I hope you’ll find to be an entertaining tone, I’ll tell you what I think of the book and why. The snark, will be free and provided with love.

You’ll also find essays on parenting–observations from life (mistakes, successes, growth, shrinkage). I hope, that at the very least, you find them interesting. If I say something is working, please know that it’s working for us. Your mileage may vary.