Review: Outside, You Notice

Outside, You Notice
Author: Erin Alladin
Illustrator: Andrea Blinick
Publisher: Pajama Press
Ages 4-8

Okay, I will admit this upfront. Jaded as I am, I was very skeptical about this book. When I read the press release that stated: “[]invites young scientists and day dreamers to look closely and think deeply in a lyrical nonfiction text . . . ” I rolled my eyes so far back into my head that the propulsion almost knocked me off of my chair. I thought this book was going to be the typical, “Oh, look, a tree; oh, look, a bird (illustration of child pointing at tree, bird).” I should not have been skeptical. Alladin, Blinick and Pajama Press deliver a wonderful book. Thank goodness. This is not your standard point and look book.

Each double page spread starts with a well-written notice prompt, in verse. What follows are wonderful examples of the prompt, in richly illustrated pages that are filled with a deep, soulful nostalgia, and lovely nuanced details. Take for example:

You Notice that a dandelion
Is just as golden
As a marigold

On the spread we encounter yes, dandelions and marigolds, but much more. Tidbits of factual information regarding petals, pollination, blooming and bees are carefully highlighted on both pages. (And, don’t miss the fearless leader of our flower picking trio, standing center on top of a bucket.) These tidbits of factual information, at first glance casual in nature, are actually pulling double-duty. Not only will they maintain kids’ interest (and adults’), but they also aid in the development of reading comprehension by providing factual information in a light-hearted, engaging way; thereby supplementing a child’s prior knowledge when later broaching the same or a similar subject.

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