Review: Neverwoof

Author & Illustrator: Gabe Jensen
Publisher: Familius
Ages 3-8

Subtitled The Dog that Never Barked and written in rhyme (all y’all have heard me go on and on about rhyme before, so I’ll spare you that here–rhyme is good!), our hero stays true to his word, and never, not once, does he woof.

No matter what comes, no matter what mays, he never woofs. What happens when a robber breaks into his home? Well then, that’s the big reveal isn’t it? And, I’m not giving it away here!

Written in an engaging style with cartoonish, dogo-chromatic (you’ll see when you open the book) illustrations featuring bold splashes of orange and green, the picturebook had me smiling at the end. I rarely smile.

You’ll be asked to read this one, out-loud, again and again. It’s funny and has a dog in it. A recipe for kid success.

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