Review: The Shaman’s Apprentice

The Shaman’s Apprentice
Author: Zacharias Kunuk
Illustrator: Megan Kyak-Monteith
Publisher: Inhabit Media
Ages 4-8

A trip to the Inuktitut underworld to find the cause of an illness brought about by the breaking of an ancient taboo–so is the premise of The Shaman’s Apprentice, a captivating story published by Inhabit Media.

Filled with native words (and a very helpful glossary/pronunciation guide at the end), this rich tale takes us on a journey seldom (if ever) seen in children’s literature. Using vivid imagery, and backed with brooding, mysterious illustrations we explore ancient healings of the heart, mind and soul–along with the passing of sacred traditions.

My brain wants to put this in the category of magical realism. But my heart and spirit keep asking, “is it?” There is so much we don’t know about Shamans, Healers, and everything that involves “other.” The more we know, the more we can understand. The more we understand, the less we fear. The less we fear, the more we heal.

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