Review: On the Line

On the Line
Author: Kari-Lynn Winters
Illustrator: Scot Ritchie
Publisher: Pajama Press
Ages 4-8

The Moores are hockey heroes. They’ve always been hockey heroes. They will always be hockey heroes. Except, of course, one of them is a “potato on skates.”

Enter Jackson Moore, our protagonist. On the Line, a cheerfully illustrated story about what happens when your skills don’t exactly measure up to your family’s generational abilities, is a solid example of what can be accomplished when strengths are found in different areas than at first anticipated.

Everyone expected Jackson to be a true hockey hero–and, it turns out he was; just not in the way people thought he would be. Using simple, straightforward narrative and illustrations reminiscent of Charles Schultz (that is a huge compliment, by the way), the picturebook manages to convey its central theme of strengths and weaknesses without being preachy, while at the same time maintaining a relatable story to the cohort.

We are not all meant to “go into” the family business. At least not in the traditional way. This book lets us all know it’s okay not to.

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